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West End Kids Audition Registration



West End Kids Program Audition Registration

Price: £15

Take the first step towards a magical journey with the West End Kids Program by securing your audition spot today! This £15 fee not only registers you for an opportunity to showcase your talent but also represents your commitment to attending the audition.

By charging a nominal fee, we aim to ensure that each registration translates into an actual audition. This initiative helps us maintain the efficiency of our process, respecting the time of both our panel and fellow auditioners. Your cooperation in this matter greatly helps us foster a well-structured and professional environment for all involved.

Please note that the £15 audition registration fee is strictly non-transferable and non-refundable from the date shown. Once your audition slot is booked, it is reserved exclusively for you. This policy helps us in meticulous planning and ensures that all aspiring artists receive equal opportunities.

Thank you for your understanding and dedication. We’re excited to witness your talent and potentially welcome you to the West End Kids family! Break a leg!

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