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Esme Rothero – Alumni (Six!)
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Maya Ditcham – Alumni (Arts Ed)
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"We are so thankful and grateful" -

Rachael Marlow (Parent)
“Without all the love, support and amazing teaching of course, that she receives from you all, none of this would ever have been possible! Abby is living her best life right now and we are so thankful and grateful to have the WEK team in our lives and for giving her so many amazing opportunities and so much support! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!”

"Found the perfect place for her" -

Helen Rooke (Parent)
“She absolutely loved last Saturday and didn’t stop talking about it all the way home! She said it was so much fun and she laughed all the way through. She said all the coaches were brilliant, that she got some really good technique corrections and she felt like she’d found the perfect place for her. So thank you so much for having her and making her world a very happy one.””

"I am so thankful" -

Sam Silsby (Parent)
“Meg is very lucky to have the opportunity to be taught and encouraged by you. I know she works hard, but to find a teacher that inspires you to do your very best and who encourages you to continue to improve is actually a very rare thing in my experience, and Meg has most definitely found that with you.
Meg would not be anywhere near the singer or performer she is without Martin and Emma, the change in her in just over 2 years is just phenomenal. I am so thankful that an idle search in 2018 for a summer course that would stretch her led us to an audition, troupe, singing lessons and an opportunity to work with Martin & Emma.”

"I don't think you'll ever quite know what this has done for her & her mental health -

Genevieve (Parent)

I just wanted to let you know that May Tether has asked Aaliyah to lead a piece for PPAS 25th Anniversary in a 900 seated Central London Theatre, she will be leading What I Know Now from Beetlejuice, and I genuinely don’t believe she would have had the confidence to showcase herself without the skills she’s gained from just one term at WEK, so I wanted to say how thankful I am to you and Emma and how proud I am of her.

The last year has been incredibly tough for her for one reason or another, mainly bullies at school and WEK has given her something to feel positive about and look forward to every week, getting her through her school days. Everyone is so supportive and I genuinely believe she’s made some new friends for life.

Thank you for everything, I don’t think you will ever quite know what this has done for her and her mental health.

""Exceptional dance training and vocal coaching" -

Victoria Meaden (Parent)
“Yasmine will have been training with West End Kids for almost 2 years and in that time we have watched her grow with your guidance both in confidence and ability.
Yasmine has now reached a time in her life where she has to make career decisions as she completes her final year and a half at school. She has absolutely loved every minute she has spent as West End Kids and has been very proud to been part of the company. She has without a doubt learnt so much with your exceptional dance training and vocal coaching.
As a drama scholar, her new school are putting pressure on her to dedicate more of her weekend time to them and their productions which has torn Jasmine as she is committed to West End Kids and has always put you first.
As parents we are delighted with the training you have given our daughter and will highly recommend West End Kids.

"WEK is worth any sacrifice" -

Miranda Spencer-Pearson (Student)
“I first found out about WEK because I saw a girl in a local amateur production who was clearly a cut above the rest! I found out she was a part of WEK. Their professionalism is simply outstanding. They cut no corners in any aspect of our training… they push you to the max on everything.
One thing about WEK is that you can only enjoy it to its full potential if you learn your dances and harmonies. The harder you work, the faster you climb the ranks. Local places don’t care who is the best, to be honest. WEK gives those who work hardest the promotions and opportunities. One quote Martin told me a few years ago that I will never forget is ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough.’
It doesn’t matter how far away you live, WEK is worth any sacrifice. If you want to be pushed above and beyond anything you can imagine, WEK is the place.”

"There's really no comparison to what you provide" -

Laura Cahill-Ritter (Parent)

I just want to say thank you so much. I really can’t explain how much WEK has become to Kaspar since he began. He has attended other part time performing arts training that have the elite label and whilst I’m certainly not putting any of them down, they all have something to offer, but  there’s really no comparison to what you provide all of your students. Both on a vocational level but its also the ethos and support that is clearly visible. I remember being blown away watching the first revue, and it was no different this time. We absolutely loved every minute. Outstanding and a real joy to watch.

"Skills to keep working, take risks and be brave" -

Nicola Brown (Parent)
“WEK is everything to Sadie, when people at college ask her why she’s still doing it, she tells them ‘I love it so much. the performance opportunities are incredible, I learn so much and it’s just so fun’.
So, thank you for everything you do for her. Every lesson, note, practice, performance, she learns from and values. I can honestly say she is buzzing after ever session, wherever she is.
I have never seen Sadie as happy as she is now. The work ethic you instill in all of your students is apparent compared to their peers.
You are giving her the confidence and skills to keep working, take risks and be brave with everything she does. So sincerely, thank you for everything. WEK is incredible.”

"A Way of Life" -

Julia McClung (Parent)
“West End Kids has become a way of life for Katie. In her first year at WEK she performed at the O2, the Royal Albert Hall, West End LIVE and 3 WEK Revues. West End Kids has taken her to a new level. I am so grateful to WEK for teaching her the correlation between hard work and success at such a young age. I have been amazed by the transformation I have seen since she joined WEK.”

"The making of my daughter" -

Sadie Gillam (Parent)
“West End Kids has been the absolute making of my daughter!
She applied to two performing arts schools and, after a year in WEK: Training, was offered a place at both! Thanks so much!
We didn’t know what WEK was when Georgia first auditioned! She’s never looked back!
As a parent, I can’t speak highly enough of WEK and the work ethic they teach to their Training Teams and to Troupe!”

"Best decision ever" -

Annie Gaudencio (Parent)
“The best decision Georgie ever made was to attend a WEK workshop audition six years ago “just for experience”. Since then WEK has been her world; she has been taught and encouraged by Emma and Martin in every possible way to develop the skills and attitude needed to succeed as an MT performer. The training is tough but fantastic – as are the amazing performance opportunities once in Troupe. WEK is a musical theatre family like no other and we cannot recommend them highly enough. It has made, and is continuing to make, Georgie the performer she is today.”

"Progression" -

Sheena Service (Parent)
“I could never put into words that would justify how she has progressed since joining WEK.”

"Hard work and dedication" -

Andrew & Lesley Tinker (Parents)
“West End Kids has been very good for Lucy. It has taught her that it is not just talent that is needed to achieve but a lot of hard work and dedication.”

"Friendship is just as important" -

Lyndsey Walton (Parent)
“Thank you so much…. Katie seems to have her mojo back! WEKs team support has really touched Katey and made her realise that friendship is just as important as dancing well. You don’t have to choose between the two. We could really see her singing and performance is starting to really shine through. Thank you.”

"Hard work but a lot of fun!" -

Caitlyn Scott (Student)
“It was the best yet toughest week I’ve ever had. It’s helped me to improve my vocal and performance stamina. I have made so many friends during the course of this week.
The week pushes you to your limits but equally rewards you with improved performance and friendships. Be prepared for hard work but also a lot of fun!”

"Drive, dedication & hard work" -

Pari Shahmir (Student)
“Working with WEK teaches you so much about the industry and the amount of drive, dedication and hard work that you need to succeed within it!”

"Confidence, independence and performing ability" -

Paige Albery (Parent)
“When Paige found WEK we, as parents, were skeptical due to the financial commitment but it turned out to be the most important stepping stone for the Performing Arts College path and ultimately securing a scholarship at Laine. For Paige, they brought out her love and passion for musical theatre and boosted her confidence, independence and performing ability.
THANK YOU Emma and Martin (WEK) we have loved, enjoyed and are thankful for the WEK journey.”

"WEK is her family" -

Deborah Fearns (Parent)
“WEK enables Hannah and other talented children to work hard, be pushed and continually improve performances. Being a member of WEK is like being part of a family of like-minded youngster who are prepared to work hard and enjoy being stretched to continually improve.”

"Extremely high calibre of teaching" -

Debbie Hull (Parent)
“Every week that she goes to West End Kids we are more and more impressed with the professionalism and extremely high calibre of teaching. These people really care about the kids and are determined to help each one fully reach their potential.”

"Luckiest moment of my life" -

Vicky Sheldon (Student)
“One of the luckiest moments of my life was when I attended the WEK auditions. I felt unmotivated at my local theatre school. I wanted a professional environment, proper training and someone to push me, all of which I found at WEK!”

"Great step on the ladder to a career in the arts" -

Tricia Wilkins (Student)
“I wouldn’t have been offered a full-time place at Urdang Academy without WEK. WEK taught me how to prepare for an audition (which is absolutely key) and had given me a clear insight in to what a typical day on a full-time vocational course would be like. Auditions were a regular thing at WEK, especially leading up to our termly revues. This helped me to battle my nerves when singing at my drama school auditions, as I was much more used to the process and the pressure of the audition days.
WEK has definitely been a great step on the ladder to a career in the arts. It has helped me to keep driven, taught me to invest in myself, to prepare for auditions and to stay focused. Whilst training with WEK I gained confidence in all three disciplines, and noticed a dramatic improvement in my vocal range and technique. WEK revealed a performer in me that I hadn’t seen before and I wouldn’t have been offered a full-time place at Urdang Academy without their help!”

"What sets WEK apart..." -

Julie Cox (Parent)
“As parents of a young male performer, we have found what sets West End Kids apart is its unique approach in preparing him in his pursuit for a career in performing arts and the rigours of the industry ahead.”

"Brilliant" -

Louise Dekker (Parent)
“Thank you so much for organising the lockdown classes. Amélie’s dance school didn’t continue classes through this lockdown so they’ve really helped keep her focused and her improved her.
It’s been such a brilliant thing to have and we’re very grateful for it.”

"A piece of normality" -

Vycki Nicholson (Parent)
“We also would like to say big thank you for your support, loads of brilliant memories and endless opportunities for growth.
We are looking forward to new experience and more brilliant memories.
We are also very grateful for all the effort and giving the kids piece of normality during lockdowns and beyond.”

"Thank you!" -

Dawn Robinson (Parent)
“Thank you for everything you have done for the children during this time. It’s been a challenging start to our WEK journey but a positive one which has already inspired Hope.”

"Best Decision I Ever Made" -

Joe Thompson-Oubari (Student)
“Auditioning for WEK was the best decision I have ever made and I can’t even begin to explain how much I’m going to miss it. It sure has been an amazing 4 and a half years!”

"Improved me in every aspect" -

Holly Beaumont (Student)
“WEK has improved me in almost every aspect of my performance, especially singing, and it has taught me how important it is to tell a story when you are performing. It has also given me an insight in to what it’s going to be like in the performing arts industry which is where I think WEK is really unique – you get treated like true professionals. This makes us all so close as a group, we all work so hard and the hard work really pays off.”

"Best thing I've ever done." -

Millie Capful (Student)
“Joining WEK is probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I could tell from my first session that I was going to have a lot of fun, and learn a lot. And I was right!”

"The atmosphere was incredible" -

Sophie Boyce (Student)
I thought the atmosphere was incredible with everyone being so lovely yet pushing you to your very best, making sure you get the very best out of it. I’ve made so many new friends from all the companies and it is great to know that they are in the same shoes as you.

"New exciting challenges" -

Louise Elsom (Parent)
“I love how different WEK is from your average weekend musical theatre school. We’re constantly being pushed in new ways with new exciting challenges and no matter how old you are, you’re treated like a professional. Plus everyone is so lovely, I’ve made some of the best friends I could ever ask for.”

"Stars of tomorrow!" -

Mish Toshzegi (West End LIVE!)
“I have to say, West End Kids didn’t look out of place among the likes of Mamma Mia, Chicago and the rest. They might have been billed as the stars of tomorrow, but these kids are clearly already stars. Yet again, they produced a classy, tight and punchy performance.”

"The stars of the future" -

Eleanor Bayley (Westminster Palace)
“West End Kids were selected to represent the stars of the future, performing in the stunning Westminster Hall for 500 Members of Parliament and dignitaries from across the Commonwealth. They performed a 30 minute set of popular musical theatre including songs from Sister Act and We Will Rock You.”

"Absolutely Brilliant" -

Gordon Moulds CBE
“Martin, WEKs were absolutely brilliant – what a set they did and the entrance to the Ball could not have been better.”

"Undoubtedly the highlight!" -

Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MP
“West End Kids were absolutely brilliant – undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s Dream Ball!”

"Brilliant!" -

Penny Kennedy Scott (Producer)
“Thank you very much indeed for bringing your brilliant West End Kids to Bond Street last week. They added to the entertainment in a most excellent way.”

"Now ready to pursue my career" -

Elizabeth Rowlands (Student)
“When I joined WEK, I had no experience or confidence in performing. After a lot of hard work and training with Martin and Emma, I made my way up to Troupe and have now gained a place at Urdang Academy.
During my time at WEK I’ve made some great friendships and had some amazing live performance experiences.
Thanks to WEK, I am now ready to pursue my career in the Performing Arts.”

"Most incredible time at West End Kids" -

Amber Lloyd (Student)
“I had the most incredible time at West End Kids. WEK introduced me to the intensity of training I needed to prepare for my current course studying a triple award in Musical Theatre, and for auditions for professional stage schools in London, where I have just had offers from Urdang, Performers and Bird. WEK was an incredible stepping stone and learning experience.”

"Absolutely fabulous" -

Michelle Rice (Producer)
“The evening was a huge success and your support on the evening was very much appreciated. The West End Kids were absolutely fabulous and guest’s were thoroughly entertained by them.”

"Amazing!" -

Kate Hart (CEO)
“Thank you so much for being part of the Glittering Hatton Garden event.
WEK were AMAZING!! So many people have complimented the professionalism and quality of the performers.
You played a very important part in making last night a success, so thank you once again.”

"Brought the event to life!" -

Gemma Howell (Save The Children)
“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for everything on Thursday! The troop were amazing, and it really helped bring the event to life! I do hope they also had a good time.”

"Magical!" -

Alice Pink (CLIC Sargent)
“A huge thank you for your wonderful performance! I actually managed to see it this year (!) and was overwhelmed at how talented the West End Kids are – it really was a magical performance and please pass my thanks onto the team for me.”

"Opportunities I've only dreamt about!" -

Morgan Salder (Student)
“West End Kids has given me opportunities I had only dreamt about. To think that in just a year I’ve performed at Royal Albert Hall, West End LIVE, Camp Bestival, Common People, Great Ormond Street, OnBlackheath, Move IT, Chelsea Flower Show and the Queen’s 90th Birthday amongst loads of festivals and charity performances is unbelievable.
I think WEK has transformed me into a much stronger, matured and determined performer and I will always be thankful to Martin and Emma for everything they do for me. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to explain how muchWEK means to me and how beneficial the whole experience has been!
West End Kids is a very professional company but is so welcoming – we’re just one big family!”

"Utterly Incredible!" -

Catherine Page-Morris (Producer)
“The troupe were honestly a joy to work with, they all arrived promptly and behaved in such a professional manner. All aspects of the setup went so smoothly! The performance itself was utterly incredible. I had so many guests coming up to me raving about the performance which was excellent”

"Incredible!" -

Grant Yuill (Hamleys)
“I don’t know where to begin with thanking you… you guys were incredible and all the performers are an absolute credit to you. We would welcome you back with open arms next year.”

"Stole the show!" -

Andy Clark-Coates (Producer)
“I just wanted to send an email to say an enormous THANK YOU for the performance by West End Kids at the Mariposa Ball on Saturday at the Savoy. To say that they stole the show would be an understatement and the sheer volume of people saying how much they enjoyed them is overwhelming.
The troupe were an absolute pleasure to work with from the moment they arrived and remained happy and courteous the whole time. My daughters (6 and 3) who were in attendance, have made ‘friends for life’ and have not stopped talking about their new ‘best friends’.
We wanted to ask if they would be able to help us next year. We are booking the Savoy again for the 7th May and we would love it if the WEK could perform!”

"Professional and beautifully performed" -

Sophie Eaton (Events Manager)
“Thank you so much for bringing the kids along, they were brilliant and they really added a certain something special to the event which we didn’t have last year.
They were completely professional and performed beautifully as always!”

"Wonderful energy!" -

Florian Schweizer (Events Manager)
“The group were fantastic and I thought the costumes and choreography were inspired! The kids had a wonderful energy and enthusiasm and the finale was spine-tingling. Really amazing to think you put it all together in a matter of weeks!”

"I felt so challenged" -

Izzi Nicholson (Student)
“I loved the summer intensive ! I felt so challenged and I made so many new friends. I enjoyed the training and end of week show as I felt I was being pushed . The intensive has made me so excited to get back to wek in September and work super hard 🤩”

"Couldn't have wished for a better week!" -

Isla Doheny-Green (Student)
“It was a brilliant experience from start to finish. Worked really hard, had bundles of fun with everyone, evening activities were brilliant and food and facilities were fab! Couldn’t have wished for a better week!”

"On cloud line" -

Joanna Thomas (Student)
“She was absolutely on cloud nine yesterday now she can hit the note and said it was witchery!!!”

"The standard is on a different level" -

Alex Martin (Student)
“There are many great things about WEK, some not so obvious and some you learn the longer you’ve been there! You begin to realize the standard is on a different level. I love WEK, the fact I’ve been there for so long has to be testament to that! It is an awesome place to build on skills and talents that you already have. While we are there we are treated as if we were professionals.
“There are many great things about WEK, some not so obvious and some you learn the longer you’ve been there! You begin to realize the standard is on a different level. I love WEK, the fact I’ve been there for so long has to be testament to that! It is an awesome place to build on skills and talents that you already have. While we are there we are treated as if we were professionals.

"So passionate & excited on the way home!" -

Josie Crichton (Student)
“Josie loved the WEK Intensive…she was so passionate and excited on the way home about the week and making this her career…hard work yes, but that was always going to be. She has learnt and developed so much with you and wants to join your troupe!”


Abigail Marlow (Student)
“It was absolutely AMAZING! From the teaching, the chaperones, the location, absolutely everything was brilliant!! Not saying it was easy though, it was very very intense but pushed me in every sense both physically and mentally but I loved it and can’t wait until next year!”

"Fills in lots of gaps" -

Elly Hakansson-Harvey (Student)
“I feel it is a very nice way to complete my training. It fills in a lot of the gaps that I don’t fill day to day at my dance school. And you get great advice and experience straight from the industry.”

"Positive impact you are having on these young peoples lives" -

Nikki Markham-Lee (Parent)
“I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for everything you do for West End Kids Troupe. What an absolutely tremendous experience troupe had yesterday. The photos and videos I have seen are so awesome.
On a personal note, I also wanted to thank you for the kindness you both showed Fliss after her costume error in the second performance. She could have been made to feel humiliated and like a failure but due the care and support you both showed her she has reflected on it and learnt from the situation but has moved on and is now focussed on all the positives from the performances. I feel truly blessed that Fliss has found such amazing guidance and support as well such excellent Musical Theatre training. A very rare find.
I hope you both have the opportunity to have a bit of down time today to rest and reflect on what a positive impact you are having on these young peoples lives.”

"Her self-esteem blossomed" -

Lucy Harrop (Student)
“It was an awesome week. Lucy learnt so much and loved being part of it. Her self-esteem blossomed as the week went on and she loved the social aspect of being with other children with similar interests and as passionate about performing as she is.”

"He loved every second" -

Jayden Neal (Student)
“He had the best time he loved every second and is begging to come back next year and is willing to work washing cars etc to get the money”

"So much care" -

Christine Sheldon (Parent)
“So much care and attention to detail. Clearly the performers were having the time of their live”

"These people really care about the kids" -

Steve Hull (Parent)
“As a parent of a young lady who loves the performing arts, I have done extensive research to try to find a program that would fulfil, and professionally train her in the many avenues she wished to pursue. West End Kids topped my list, and we were very excited to have our daughter accepted into the company. Every week that she goes to West End Kids we are more and more impressed with the professionalism and extremely high calibre of teaching. These people really care about the kids and are determined to help each one fully reach their potential. My daughter, who has had some years of training with different companies, only seemed to progress and grow when she arrived at WEK, due to the expertise and genuineness of the teachers. I continue to be amazed by the quality and sincerity of the performances of these kids. Thank you WEK for giving so much of yourselves, and for providing such a wonderful opportunity for young people, passionate and dedicated in achieving their very best.”

"Such A Phenomenal Change!" -

Louise Dekker (Parent)
Amélie got extremely high marks recently at a dance festival for her vocal (watch what happens) and her new song and dance (Taylor the latte boy) – I credit Martin entirely for the improvement in her voice. It’s been such a phenomenal change! She won both sections and came away with trophies for both too for having the highest mark in the category. Thank you 🙏



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